January 22, 2022

Shropshire Recovery Partnership

Assist and support individuals affected by drug or alcohol use

Advertise For Us

If you want to advertise for us, you can find a lot of useful tips below. When you decide to advertise for us, you should make sure to follow the rules. Each of us will have different goals or objectives, thus it will be important to select a topic that suits you. You will get an email that contains the guidelines and advertising format in your emails and then all you have to advertise for is the link or the email address provided by the person who has joined the program.

After accepting you as a sponsored advertiser, you will get an email that contains the guidelines for online advertising. Each individual who you send to must provide your site URL or your email address. Otherwise, you will not earn your commission. The next step will be to register at our website. Once you have registered at our site, it is important to read the disclaimer and other terms and conditions before proceeding. Read the guidelines carefully so that you do not violate any of the policies.

Some of the topics are to promote the company or the products and some of the subjects are to promote or advertise under the age of 21. If you are interested in promoting or advertising under the age of 21, you must ask the person to show the ID, such as a driver’s license or an active military ID card. These are all legitimate methods to gain acceptance into the program. Marijuana users who also want to advertise for us need to fulfill these requirements.

Some people might be wondering why marijuana retail stores need to advertise for us. If a store allows customers to freely smoke marijuana in their stores, they cannot be policed by the government. Thus, we might need someone who will spruce up the stores to make customers feel more comfortable and to sell more products. This is the reason why we need people who will sign spinners.

How do we find someone to help advertise for us? The easiest way would be to ask a friend who smokes or is aware of someone who does. Another alternative is to post an ad on an online forum or a bulletin board. In either case, the location of the office, the address, phone number, fax number, email address, and website should be included. There should also be two 1,600 square inch signs located at strategic locations around the storefront. These signs should advertise the name of the retailer, its address, telephone number, and website.

The state of Colorado only issues licenses to marijuana retailers that are registered with the state. Thus, if a retail outlet has been approved to sell marijuana by the state, the business cannot advertise for us. However, if we want to place two vinyl wrapped signs in front of our store, we are free to do so. A billboard or two may not be enough to help us advertise for us, but a large advertising sign on a major highway can.